Medical Tooling

Douglas Medical Products offers medical tooling through its Engineering and Tooling Partners. We will service our
customer from the initial discussions to a finished tool. Tools can be shipped to your facility and started up with our
support. We also offer to do molding and assembly in white room or clean room.

Our experienced engineering staff will support you in the design of each tool, utilizing latest cutting-edge technology.

  • Initiation
  • Engineering
  • Tool Production
  • First Article
  • Qualification
  • Molding (if required)

In the design review we incorporate:

  • Potential flash and venting
  • Cycle time, mold flow and transfer heat
  • Material shrinkage
  • Mold release
  • Ejection system and un-screwing mechanism
  • Runner optimization
  • Hot or cold or semi runners
  • Interchangable inserts
  • 2-shot options
  • Spare part needs

If you are looking for a good tool and want to make sure it is designed correctly we offer our expertize and competitive pricing.

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